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Q: What is the cost and how long are the sessions?
A: Please contact me to discuss fees and the many options for length of sessions.

Q: Do you accept insurance?
A: Yes,  please call me for details.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?
A: Yes.

Q: What ages do you work with?
A: I have experience and work with people of all ages, but I do have limited experience working with people over the age of 65.

Q: How often do families come?
A: I see individuals and families from as little as 1 time a month and up to twice a week.

Q: What about privacy?
A: There are many laws and ethical guidelines to protect you and your family. I will at all times keep these guidelines. In addition, there are times when confidentiality must be broken and that will be covered in the first session. Please feel free to call me so that we can discuss these circumstances.

Q: Will my records be sent or seen by anyone?
A: No, one of the advantages to seeing a private practioner is that your records are your records. They will not be distributed or shown to anyone without your expressed written consent, unless required by state and Federal law.

Q: My kid does not want to come; should I force him/her?
A: It can be very difficult to “convince” someone into counseling and it is often more effective to talk to them out of love and caring. When I speak with a teen or youth who is resistant to counseling, I often ask if they are willing to at least give me a chance for 2 or 3 sessions. The vast majority decide on their own to continue beyond 2 or 3 sessions.

Q: I have been struggling for a long time in my marriage. Is there hope?
A: Absolutely. Many marriages and relationships have been healed and strengthened after tremendous hardships and betrayals. The path is often long and hard, but the healing and growth in that relationship is a testament to resiliency, commitment and faith.

Q: I have been doing things the same way my whole life; is that the way I am or can I change?
A: There is no doubt that we all have personalities and ways of doing things that stay the same, but it is possible to change. We all know others who turned their whole life around and we each have our own story of overcoming something against incredible odds. Therefore, counseling can be a vital piece in addressing and changing long term patterns of operating and behaving to help you realize more health and freedom.

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